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Open Enrollment Comments

Well, this part is over. I had at least a dozen calls per day with questions about the open enrollment choices. Many people were surprised to hear that I was the same person who prepared the analysis. Yes, I am here to answer calls 24/7. I really enjoyed speaking to the members and their spouses and even a few mothers. Most of the people who wanted to make changes were previously in HMO’s. Many calls came from HIP patients. It seems their doctors were no longer in HIP and they wanted to make sure they could continue to be seen by these doctors. The callers also confirmed my feeling that they didn’t care what the plan was called, as long as their doctors were happy with the policies. Contrary to many doctors and insurance companies opinion, most people did not object to paying a fair out of pocket charge to get what they wanted in terms of quality care. Please stay tuned for our next challenge. How to best use the ccoverage you have. Thanks again for all the help.

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