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About this analysis

I have done this type of analysis every year since 1995. Copies will be available at the Local and in the Health Line Doctors offices.

I hope it makes it clear that 50A.Empire MEP Indemnity is the best plan for single adults and families with children over 16. The 185.AetnaMEP PPO/Indemnity is best for families with young children. Most problems occur when members have chosen the HMO options.

I just started getting complaint calls from people who have the 838.HealthNet NY/CT coverage. They can’t find doctors who are familiar with the plan. I’ve met the reps from that company and they are usually offering their Medicare plan. I see that they also cover the NYC workers, so from what I can tell this is a scaled down model of the old GHI.

This year’s choices and the way that Hewitt presented their comparison, leads me to the conclusion that they are preparing for a national plan that offers Consumer Directed Health Coverage. The CWA National web site has a great explanation of how Consumer Directed Health Plans will affect the members.

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