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Please help me to continue to offer mentorship.


Mentors Martha & Matt

I met Martha Stevens when I was just starting out in my career, as a healthcare practice management consultant. Martha was surprised when I told her recently that I always told people that she was a role model and mentor to me. She has always been there for me with advice, referrals and friendship. After 30 years, I was finally able to pay her back by being there for her when her husband began demonstrating the signs of Alzheimer’s disease.  Matty passed peacefully this summer after returning from a Florida vacation. With the help of Laura Giunta of Senior Helper’s Martha had wonderful home health attendants to make sure that Matty was able to stay comfortable at home.

For the past year, I have been listed on the Alliance for Professional Health Advocates as a mentor.   Take a look at some of the other mentors and the reviews they have received.

It has been my pleasure to take calls from people who are interested in becoming Professional Patient Advocates. I’ve followed up with advice, references and referrals. The only thing I’ve asked is that if I’ve helped you to advance your plans in becoming a Patient Advocate that you write a review for me either on my LinkedIn profile or on the APHA mentor page.

Now, I am in jeopardy of having my listing removed from APHA because I am not getting the feedback that is required to keep this program going. All I ask is that you post a sentence of two to this easy to fill out form. Your contact information will not be shared with anyone unless you give permission.

Please take a moment to help me to keep this service active. The review should be of my coaching/mentoring service if I have helped you to increase your business, not for my Patient Advocate services.

Here is the link where you can post a review.

Thank you, Caryn Isaacs

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