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Plans for 2015

Beverly&Caryn   I haven’t posted here for the last few months, but if you follow us on Facebook or LinkedIn, then you know we’ve been busy with some very difficult situations for our clients. Many of you will know the clients I am talking about, so here are some updates.

Client A is a 66 year old man with chronic progressive health conditions including arthritis, gout, diabetes type II, depression and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. We have been to all kinds of specialists, hospitals, rehab facilities and mental health providers without any improvement. Currently, we placed him in an assisted living facility with a full-time aide, while we attempt to find a residence that is more appropriate to someone of his age.

Client B is a 94 year old man suffering from Osteomyelitis caused by a non-healing heel wound. We were able to keep him in an independent living environment with private care for the past six months. At this time he is in a rehabilitation facility after which he will be transferred to Long Term Care in the same facility. He is happy to be alive and we will continue to help to keep him that way.

Client C is an 89 year old author, playwright and concert accordionist. We have tried to find her a cat to replace her long time pet. After fostering and returning over a dozen cats, she recently adopted a teacup yorkie. We are in the process of training the dog with the help of a behaviorist.

Client D is an 84 year old man whose family member helped herself to the man’s life savings. With the help of Iris Bikel, attorney the man is now home from the nursing home he waited in while Medicaid was approved. Unfortunately, the Long Term Managed Care plan we chose didn’t work out. No one was watching that he took his medications or ate properly. With the help of Ilene Griensky, Elder Care Consultant, we are looking forward to changing the MLTCP and have recently changed the home care agency.

Client E is someone we have known for a few years. A few months back his POA asked me to help to place him in a skilled nursing facility so that Medicaid would pay for his care. This didn’t sound right to me, as I didn’t see the need for skilled care. The POA somehow got the patient accepted by a nursing facility, but as private pay since his irrevocable trust was only set up a couple of years ago. Just before Christmas we had a call from the client asking why he had to stay in a nursing home. This is one story we will tell you about in more detail when we have everything settled, but happily we helped him to go back to the assisted living facility where he was living before.

We are thankful that all our regular clients are healthy and we continue to enjoy their company. We also have several new clients starting in 2015. We look forward to the challenges we will face together.

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