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You have to be in it to win it.

A leading physician practice management consultant called me today to ask about marketing a new Article 28 multi-specialty practice. I suggested to her that she look up the record on who was recently approved in NYS and to call them for their marketing plan. Are referrals still based on friendships or hospitall connections? Are Accountable Care Organizations or Insurance Plan Preferred Provider Organizations going to run the health care delivery system?

Here is the last chance for providers and others to be heard about how the ACA will be implemented in NYS. You or your organization can attend these meetings, no charge. lf you want your opinion in the record, make sure you put it in writing and send in advance or be there to testfy.
CON Redesign Special PHHPC Planning Committee,
PHHPC Committee and Full Council Meetings:
June – December 2012
6/21/12 – Albany Special Planning Committee: Driving Health System Improvement in New York State: Policy Priorities and Tools
7/25/12 – Albany Committee on Codes, Regulations, and Legislation
Committee on Public Health
Special Health Planning Committee: Innovations in Financing and Organizing Health Care: Implications for CON and Health Care Regulation
7/26/12 – Albany The Establishment and Project Review Committee
8/9/12 – Albany PHHPC Full Council
9/5/12 – Rochester Special Planning Committee: Regional Health Planning
9/19/12 – NYC Special Planning Committee: Establishment, Governance and Financial Feasibility
9/20/12 – NYC Regular PHHPC Committee
10/11/12 – NYC PHHPC Full Council
10/12/12 – NYC Special Planning Committee: Access and Public Need
10/30/12 – NYC Special Planning Committee: Review Draft Report
11/14/12 – Albany Special Planning Committee: Discuss Revised Report
11/15/12 – Albany Regular PHHPC Committee: Adoption of Report by Committee

Contact me if you have a question or comment. I get lots of comments on LinkedIn  groups from professionals in the field. How about letting the public in on our conversations,

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