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Health Reform goes on vacation

The Affordable Health Care Choices Act will not come to a vote unitl September as Washington goes home for vacation. They return in September, when it will be seen whether they have gotten enough support at home to proceed with a vote. It will be the jobs of our representatives job to make people understand what is really in the bill, instead of the rhetoric and mis-dis information we are getting from the media.
Some things you should know about the bill:
1. It does not effect any collective bargaining agreement.
2. It does not dictate plan design, so whether you have to change your doctor will be up to the insurance plan, not the government.
3. It improves access to coverage for preventive services by mandating services for immunizations and well child care be covered in all plans.
4. It provides grants for improvements to health delivery systems and patient information systems.
5. It is not one big health system. It gives everyone a Cafeteria (the same choices that Congress has) menu of plans to choose from. Each plan will have their own premium cost, deductibles and co-pays. They will all be required to cover anone who can pay the premium.

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