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Triple Home Run

Congratulations CWA Bargaining Team on your Triple Home Run
Historic Contract Maintains No Out Of Pay Check Premiums
with these improvements;

1.  New name of plan administered only by Empire Blue Cross better reflects the plan design. In and out of network coverage based on 80/20 UCR (Now the Verizon PPO) and adds well baby coverage.

2. No Open Enrollment closed period. All members covered now by Aetna MEP/Indemnity will automatically be transfered into the new improved plan. Also, during the course of 2009, if you find that you have chosen the wrong plan, you can change one time to another plan. Please be aware that you should not call benefits to change from Aetna MEP/Indemnity to the new plan. This will be considered your one time change. Only call if you are changing from an HMO to the new plan or any other plan.

3. There is stronger protection language for members using FMLA.

You can Fight Against Cost Shifting and WIN!

In Unity Their Is Strength!




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