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My New Year’s Resolutions 2013

2013 will bring many changes to GetHealthHelp.  As we stand on the fiscal cliff and cower under the debt ceiling, it is hard to be flippant about what the New Year holds. The usual New Year’s resolutions, like eating healthier or to start an exercise program, don’t seem to take on any urgency when we see our nation’s leaders and our role models kicking the can down the road.  Being the eternal optimist, here are a few resolutions that I plan to keep and some that I will probably need some help with. My best wishes to all for a healthy and happy New Year.

untitled1- Make the GetHealthHelp website even more informative.

2- Make the GetHealthHelp website easier to navigate.

3- Make the GetHealthHelp website more interactive.

4- Make the GetHealthHelp website more fun.

May you find everything you envision.

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