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2009 Medical Plan Changes

Health Plan Changes

The bottom line is that members who took the Aetna MEP/Indemnity Plan so that they could go to their out of network doctors while still benefiting from well-baby coverage and in-network discounts, should change to the improved Empire Blue Cross MEP plan. This will allow you and your family to have the same kind of coverage that Aetna was offering, but without the administrative problems some of you experienced with Aetna.

HMO options remain the same and there is no need to change if you are happy with your plan.

You do not have to contribute to any plan premium, so make your decision based on how you prefer to access care. Please do not hesitate to call the Health Line with any questions about your coverage or help in choosing a plan. We are Your Patient Advocate. We are not affiliated with any insurance plan or doctors office.

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